giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

Knitting with textured or "art" yarns:II

Back in October I wrote about knitting with textured or "art" yarns. Many times these are hand-spun creations that incorporate charms, sequins, beads and other little focal objects into the yarn. 

When I saw this yarn - appropriately called "sparkling mermaid" - I absolutely could not resist it! Before I actually purchased it... spending $49 in this day and age for a mere 135 meters of hand-spun yarn is no easy decision - I went back and looked at the photos many times... I imagined holding it, feeling it's softness next to my skin, admiring all its sparkling beauty draped around my neck!

Reading the description of the yarn written by the yarnie that had spun it ( was the famous straw that broke the camel's back... and I gave in to temptation!

"extra soft merino light blue and teal, a small amount of light blue linen, fine merino wool deep turquoise, and lots of sparkling angelina (glittery fibre). I spun in blue sewing thread strung with sea shells, sequins of silver and teal, and lots of different glass beads: clear round ones with a kind of rainbow shimmer, frosted-looking blue ones, and faceted blue ones."

I bought it and waited for inspiration! My first idea was to combine it with Artyarns Rhapsody in a beautiful variegated to create a shawl... but the more I thought about this idea... the less I like it. Then the other night, while I was trying to come up with some cowls to make for sale at the Philadelphia Headhouse market next fall, my sparkling mermaid came to mind... and after exchanging a few ideas with my virtual yet very real friend Paola who has a real sense of color and loves garter stitch as much as I do.. I decided on a very simple cowl in garter stitch.. as Paola said "with a yarn like that... go for garter stitch and you can't miss!"

So... I cast on about 90 stitches.. joined in the round, marked the start of the round and "gartered" away! After about an inch I made some decreases and then again after another inch so the cowl would fall and drape softly at the collar bone.Then I just knit until there was enough yarn left to bind off... the results? beautiful! if I do say so myself! Unfortunately the photos do not do justice to the sparkle of this yarn... you'll just have to try and spot me wearing it!!

lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

Bio Organic Wool di Borgo dei Pazzi, Firenze

Oggi è la volta del Bio Organic Wool di Borgo dei Pazzi, Firenze. Bio Organic Wool è un filato "aerato" se si può usare questo termine. E' un capo singolo, molto leggero con poca torsione, ma il fatto che intrappola molto aria tra le fibre lo fa anche molto caldo. Il Bio Organic è un filato bulky/super bulky da lavorare con ferri dai 5.5mm ai 7mm. 

Io l'ho lavorato prima con un ferro 5.5mm ma poi ho deciso per un 6mm. Io lavoro con una tensione piuttosto lenta e ho ottenuto un gauge di 3,5 maglie/pollice (2.5cm circa). Se si lavora con una mano più stretta, un ferro 6.5mm o 7mm potrebbe andar meglio per te. 
Prima del bloccaggio
Dopo il bloccaggio, lo swatch ha mantenuto bene il gauge come si può vedere paragonando le due foto qui di fianco. 
Dopo il blocaggio
Il Bio Organic da una maglia con poca definizione, quindi il filato poco adatto alla lavorazione di trecce o altri tipi di punti che richiedono una definizione superiore. Il tessuto ottenuto è morbidissimo, leggero e molto avvolgente.

E' un buon filato. Unica mia paura? Che si possono formare quelle odiose palline tipico dei filati poco ritorti!