domenica 11 agosto 2013

Playing with colour and texture on hot summer days

I don't know about you all, but when it's hot out I don't want to be bothered with lots of charts or instructions to follow... but (there is always a but) I still want to create beautiful knits!
This summer I have been playing with colour and texture to achieve this objective!

This was my first effort, inspired by Churchmouses Wrap&Scarf, I picked out three coordinating colors and 3 textures: Rowan Summer Tweed, a 100% cotton yarn and a fun yarn ribbon

I cast on about 220 stitches and knit 1 row in each colour, continuing in this sequence until I got the width I wanted. I added a fringe in the funky ribbon yarn and this was the final result.

I love garter stitch, but in this case it made for a pretty bulky scarf that I don't think I will wear until fall or early spring!

So I decided to try for something a little lighter and more summery.

Again I chose Rowan Summer Tweed, this time in a lovely mauvey pink tone. I decided to combine it with the same fun ribbon yarn but in a pink, purple and yellow combo, and Rowan Silkhaze in a very pale, pastel lilac.

And again, I cast on 220 stitches. Instead of a long scarf, I decided to go for a very large infinity scarf that can be worn in a number of ways: a shrug, doubled and slipped on over the arms or as a cowl, either doubled or tripled. So I joined in the round and knit every row, creating texture by alternating my yarns in a non-sequential stripe pattern.
Since it seems to be all about fringes this year, again I used a fringe made of leather laces in a pale lilac mixed with strands of the mohair, the summer tweed and the fun ribbon yarn. To keep things from getting too bulky, the fringe is on a 25 inch section of the infinity ring. You can place the fringe anywhere you want when you wear it.

That's it... have fun with colour and texture and save the fancy stitches for cooler weather!