lunedì 29 aprile 2013

In the meantime... how about a lime gimlet??

After my Rowan Silk Haze Stripe experience, the mohair/silk blend has really captured my fancy!

I started browsing for some ideas.. and I came across this little piece Eye Candy  ... it didn't take me long to run out to my favorite LYS in downtown Lucca  to check out what they had in a mohair/silk blend... no synthetics please.. just real kid mohair and real silk!

Paolo immediately suggested Kid Silk Five (made in Italy, naturally!) in what he called the "flu" colors.... that would be "flu" as in Neon... fluorescent. I chose this lime green and a bright lemon yellow (still begging to be knit!) When I saw it knit and blocked... a Lime Gimlet came to mind and hence it's name!

The Kid Silk Five is a bit thicker than the suggested mohair blend.. but the results are magnificent! A light-as-a-feather shawl that will float around your neck and shoulders for just the right amount of warmth you need on a cool, breezy summer evening!

All I can say is FUN, FUN, FUN!!