martedì 26 aprile 2011

Button Swap!

The "Button Lovers" group on is doing an international Button Swap called "May Flowers".
I am starting the swap with about 30 buttons - mostly vintage Italian 1960-1970 - and a few odds and ends.
I will be adding a surprise or two before I mail out the package! Some Micky Mouse Memorabilia - from the Topolino (Mickey Mouse) magazine, circa 1980 - charms and button covers!

They will be travelling to Germany, where there are two swappers. They will pick the buttons they want, add a few of their own and then send them on to the Canada, where there are another two swappers. From Canada on to the USA, where there are three swappers, then back to Italy where there are four of us. Hopefully the buttons will make it around the globe by the end of May, but I doubt it! It will be more like the middle of June before I see them again!

lunedì 18 aprile 2011

Just a quick post! Due parole!

This has been one busy week! Two 2-day workshops on spinning in Lucca. A new spinning wheel and accessories. 4 skeins of wool spun with my own two hands. New friends from all over the "boot" and a great new friend in Scotland! And.... I even found time to crochet this little handbag with yarn that I got in a RAK on from Gomitoloni!

E' stata una settimana davvero impegnativa! Due workshop di 2 giorni a Lucca sulla Filatura. Un nuovo filatoio con accessori. 4 matasse di lana filata con le mie manine. Nuove amiche da tutto lo "stivale" e una nuova amica in Scozia! E... ho anche trovato il tempo per fare questa borsetta all'uncinetto con un filato ricevuto da Gomitoloni in un RAK su!

giovedì 14 aprile 2011

feedback on the first Lucca workshop

Emma has posted her photos and comments on the first workshop in Lucca last weekend. You can see the photos and read her comments here

Here is a photo of Emma carding our Abruzzo fleece!

Instead, I have been working on my spinning with Deborah and today I produce my second skein... it's a bit shaky, kind of like when I first learned how to write my name in script!! but it's 35 yards long, it holds together and it is now soaking to set the twist! so here is my first skein in corriedale (purple) and Lana d'Abruzzo (white).

lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Lucca Spinning workshop update - Aggiornamento sulla filatura a Lucca

This past week-end a group of nine women joined by their common passion for wool met at the Center of Contemporary Art - Lu.C.C.A in Lucca for a spinning workshop promoted and organised by  myself and Deborah Gray, an expert spinner from Scotland. Wool's attraction is still strong and the participants came from all over Italy, each motivated by the desire to learn this ancient art that - unfortunately - is slowing disappearing.
Now that the workshop is over, it can be said that it was a true success: each participant took home with her a precious skein of yarn, painstakingly spun with her own hands.

Deborah and I would like to thank Lu.C.C.A for their hospitality. Our special thanks go to Sara Parpinelli and the staff of Lu.C.C.A.

In the days leading up to the workshop, Deborah and I had the opportunity to meet the weavers at the Museo del Tessuto di Palazzo Mansi and to visit their studio. Our common interest immediately drew us together and after discussing the feasibility, we decided to repeat the workshop next week-end at Palazzo Mansi. You can contact me for details at 3488829075 or by email at

Il 9 e il 10 di aprile un gruppo di nove donne unite dalla passione per la lana sono state ospitate dal Centro di Arte Contemporanea Lu.C.C.A per un workshop sulla filatura.  Il workshop è stato promosso e organizzato da Donna L. Galletta, appassionata della maglia e delle fibre in generale, e Deborah Gray, esperta filatrice scozzese. Il richiamo della lana è ancora forte: le partecipanti sono arrivate da diverse parti d’italia, ognuna spinta dal desiderio di imparare quest’arte antica che purtroppo sta lentamente scomparendo. 
Adesso che il workshop si è concluso, si può dire che è stato assolutamente un successo e ognuna è tornata a casa con la sua preziosa matassa, filata con le proprie mani con tanta fatica.
I promotori dell’iniziativa ringraziano sentitamente Lu.C.C.A - Centro di Arte Contemporanea per l’ospitalità. Un particolare ringraziamento va a Sara Parpinelli e lo staff di Lu.C.C.A.
Durante il workshop Donna e Deborah hanno avuto il piacere di incontrare le tessitrici dell’ATL - Antiche Tessiture Lucchesi e tra di loro è nata subito un’intesa: si è deciso di ripetere l’esperienza il prossimo week-end al Museo del Tessuto di Palazzo Mansi. Per i dettagli è possibile contattare Donna L. Galletta chiamando il 3488829075 o scrivendo all’indirizzo e-mail

sabato 2 aprile 2011

Emma sweater update

Just an update!
I have decided on a shorter vest since it's for summer. Would look cute with a flirty mini skirt.. in hot pink denim with a matching Danskin top!! Linnea if you are reading this start looking for hot pink or lime green denim! I will mail you a snippet of the two yarns so you can color match!

Right now it's at six inches and according to the books it should just graze the waist, so I am ready to attack the armholes - won't this be fun!