giovedì 31 marzo 2011

Il tempo diventa sempre meno... ma...

volevo farvi vedere quello che mi frulla in testa in questi gg!!
Time is always so short but I wanted to let you know what I have been up to!

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I will update soon!
Aggiornamenti fra poco!

domenica 20 marzo 2011

mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Experimenting with color work

Although I have been knitting for most of my life, I have really never attempted color  work, apart from stripes or cuffs, waistbands and collars in a contrasting color.
My daughter has a penchant for a Tumbling Blocks afghan which is knit using the intarsia technique.

I have been experimenting with intarsia and made up a swatch that seems half way decent - so I may just start that afghan for her!
Then while leafing though some old knitting magazines (1950s) I came across some interesting color work patterns and decided to try my hand. This pattern has no name, but it is interesting. It creates little poufs in contrasting colors in a sort of honeycomb pattern. The working of the stitch is quite involved. It is worked on a base of a multiple of 4 stitches + 3 and every 3 stitches you slip one from the needle, allow it to unravel (scary!) four rows, then pick up the remaining stitch, put the needle under the 4 horizontal bars of the unraveled stitches, wrap the yarn around the needle and pull the wrap plus the 4 bars through the stitch, then repeat to the end of the row. It is complicated, but the results are beautiful! Will keep you posted on the Tumbling blocks idea!

Anche se lavoro ai ferri praticamente da quando sono nata, non ho mai tentato di lavorare con più colori a parte i polsi e il collo in un colore contrastante o forse un lavoro a righe.
Ma ultimamente mia figlia mi ha chiesto se potevo farle un Tumbling blocks afghan, che vuol dire lavorare con la tecnica dell'intarsia. Ho sperimentato con l'intarsia e ho fatto un campioncino che è venuto non male, quindi potrei decidere di iniziare il Tumbling Blocks!

Poi, mentre sfogliavo delle vecchie riviste della nonna (anni cinquanta), ho trovate dei motivi a diversi colori interessante e ho deciso di provare a farne qualcuno. Quello nella foto non ha un nome ma è molto interessante. Crea dei piccoli "pouf" in colori contrastanti in una sorta di motivo a nido d'api. Lavorare questo motivo è abbastanza complicato. Si lavora su un multiplo di 4 maglie + 3 e ogni 3 maglie devi lasciare cadere una e disfarlo per 4 giri, poi riprendi la maglia rimasta con il ferro destro e passi il ferro sotto le barre in orizzontali formato dai fili della maglia disfatta, getta il filo sul ferro e tira il filo gettato + i quattro fili orizzontali facendo una nuova maglia (si capisce? non credo!) e si ripete così fino alla fine del girl. E' complicato ma il risultato ne vale la pena!

Vi tengo aggiornato sull'idea dei Tumbling blocks!

domenica 13 marzo 2011

Paris Mist!

So I finished the neckwarmer..

I loved the results obtained with the merinos and kid mohair worked together so much that I decided to make matching handwarmers!

I was 2 inches from the end of the second when I ran out of the mohair!!!! oh no!!! What shall I do???
Idea... Pink and Black are the proverbial colours of Paris... I don't know why but it's true!


So.... I took some black mohair that I had in my stash and finished off the second "glovelette" and I think I will call the set... PARIS  MIST!!One all pink and the other with a touch of PARIS MIST!!

giovedì 10 marzo 2011

boleros and neckwarmers

This has been a busy week!
Work was about normal but with the beautiful weather I tried to get out every day for at least an hour!
As far as knitting goes... I completed one project and started another!

First the work in progress! Ami Madison's stacked eyelet cowl. I am making it with two strands of yarn worked together: 1 of Alpina by Mondial in a beautiful Rose Pink and 1 of Mohair Royale by Lana Gato in a hazy violet pink. The effect is stunning! I will probably have to add another ball of the pink!

Instead the finished project is my Little Princess Bolero, in true 1950s style! I made it in a beautiful self-shading yarn in tones of purple, orchid, chartreuse and off white. The cuffs and trim are worked with two strands of yarn.One of Alpina by Mondial and the other in Mohair Royal by Lana Gatto, both in muted chartreuse. This little bolero would be adorable over fully gathered dress in a small cotton print or gingham!
The bolero is a girls' size 4-6 and is available for purchase in my Etsy shop!

Well that's it for now!
Keep on knitting!!!