giovedì 30 maggio 2013

My "America the Beautiful" shawls

This is my "Purple Mountains Majesty" shawl... already promised to my son's girl, who loves all things purple!!

The yarn was hand spun by my friend Silvia and when I saw it, that phrase from "America the Beautiful".

The recipe is quite simple and is perfect when you don't have enough of a beautiful or precious yarn to make a shawl. As you all have figured out by now, I love shawls! You can wear them wrapped around your neck like a cowl for warmth in winter or draped on your shoulders on a cool summer evening, or around your shoulders and neck on a brisk fall afternoon.. they are so versatile!! Use your favorite shawl pattern - I love crescent shaped shawls - and do sections in your yarn and a mohair yarn. Bind off when the shawl is the size you want it... easy and beautiful!

Next?? "..amber waves of grain"!

... and then "spacious skies". I have to think about the "fruited plain"!

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