giovedì 3 novembre 2011

it's an EZ marathon! The Dairy Queen hat

This is almost a Dairy Queen Hat

Ok.. a little more on my days in good old Florissant, Mo.
Another of my favorite places, naturally after the library, was the local Dairy Queen. Many a Sunday night, after church, Dad would stop at the drive-up window and we would all order our favorites. I had two, the Dilly Bar and the Pineapple Sunday with vanilla ice cream. But Dairy Queen was, and still is, famous for its soft serve cones. My dad's all time favorite was the vanilla custard soft serve cone.
So.... again you may ask, what does all this have to do with Elizabeth Zimmermann? Just observe her Snail hat - often called the Dairy Queen hat, for obvious reasons!
By now, if you have read a couple of my posts, you know I like using the materials that EZ used.. but finding Sheepswool in Italy is impossible and having it sent from the States is expensive...
So I found this great white wool yarn here in Lucca made by Elite. It looked like it might be a good substitute for sheepsdown! I picked up a couple of balls, ran home and immediately cast on the Dairy Queen hat by EZ, that would be the one with three spirals. I think I will be able to finish it today... Barring unforeseen translations!

Donna's Dairy Queen Hat

This is my finished Dairy Queen Hat, it came a bit small - I should have measured the gauge over the stockinette and not the garter stitch. But no problem, this will go to my lovely 9 year old niece Emma!

I have already cast on another using larger, much larger needles! We shall soon see!
I have been having a terrible time with gauge lately!

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