mercoledì 10 agosto 2011


In these times of financial uncertainty I think twice before making a "frivolous", and I am sure that you do as well! So how to stay stylish in hard times??? Up-cycle, up-cycle, up-cycle... and we are not talking about riding your bike uphill!!

Yesterday I hit my button box. I don't about yours, but mine is a chaotic collection of buttons without mates, the extra buttons they give you when you buy a jacket or a coat, my mother's .. and yes, even my grandmother's old buttons.

I went through the box (or can in my case) and picked out all of the metal blazer buttons. You know the ones I mean: blazer buttons, coat buttons, some with military or navy themes. I had LOTS of them!! I then divided them into silver, gold and burnished. Then I went through my collection of costume jewelry that I couldn't bear to part with. Things left over from my teen days, bracelets with broken clasps, necklaces that had lost their pendants, and more. I found an old  heavy gold tone chain belt. I used my trusty pliers to remove a piece about 7 or so inches. Then I removed a clasp from an old broken and forgotten bracelet. I attached the clasp to the piece of chain with a ring on the other end to hook it onto.

Next step? I used my round nose pliers and some brass wire from the hardware store and made a bunch of jump rings. And then I started patiently attaching the buttons to the links of the chain. 1, 2 or 3 buttons - depending on their size - to each link.

The end result is this beautiful, chunky, jingly bracelet that will look great with my fall sweaters and is slightly reminiscent of those great bracelets from the fifties, chock full of coins or charms!

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