lunedì 15 agosto 2011

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Surprise Bonnet

Newsletter and leaflet #22 Spring 1969
"Response to the surprise jacket is so favourable that I am adding to it a bonnet, booties and bunting."
Elizabeth opened her Spring 1969 newsletter and leaflet with this incipit.
I admire Elizabeth Zimmermann for her knitting, naturally. But mostly I admire her because she was so modern. Oh how shewould have loved the age of instant communications. With her free newsletter and leaflet she was a precursor of all of the free, instant information that the www would soon be making available to all us internauts hungry for patterns, advice, ideas and more.
Two of my nieces are expecting babies this winter and I have decided to treat them to som soft cuddly EZ garments. the first is this Surprise bonnet knit in Paton's stretch socks in a lovely rose, cream and green melange for the beby girl!! Soon to be followed by booties and a sweater.

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