lunedì 27 giugno 2011

Beads, beads, beads!!!

On Saturday, my sister Phyllis, my daughter Gabriella and I set out to see our first bead show! I don't know about them, but I really had fun! First and foremost because I finally was able to meet Yvonne of MyElements! Yvonne and I had struck up a great 'virtual' friendship when I ordered some of her MyElements last year. I absolutely loved them and although I have very little time to 'play' with them they are great 'eye candy'!!

Yvonne very graciously invited us to be her guests at the show and sent us off with some great 'prizes'!!
Her MyElements are so, so, so much fun! Colorful, playful, whimsical, ironic and when she puts them together with bits and pieces from her other crafter friends the results are always unique! We fell in love with some of her bracelets and will try to use the MyElements we have to recreate some (wish us luck!). I was particularly impressed by the fact that she used an unusual button that I had sent her from Italy as part of one of the focals in a great long, summer necklace that will be featured in an upcoming issue of a beading magazine!

Ok, enough chatter and on to some pictures! Feast your eyes!! Most of what you see is from Yvonne's stand, but I did snap some other pictures.

 My lovely daughter!
Alice St. Germain

Lisa Peters Art -
to Lisa Peters' right,

That is my charming sister in the back to the left, looking at beads!

Thanks Yvonne! it was a great day and I loved meeting you! Hope to see you again soon!!

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yvonne ha detto...

oh Donna....thanks so much for the wonderful advertisements!! loved meeting you & some of the wonderful women in your life...glad you had fun & I challenge you to have one of those bracelets made before 2012 comes gabriella would like it as an xmas prize!! ;0)
big hugs,

erre ha detto...

Ciao Donna, che meraviglie di meraviglie! rosaria :-)