martedì 26 aprile 2011

Button Swap!

The "Button Lovers" group on is doing an international Button Swap called "May Flowers".
I am starting the swap with about 30 buttons - mostly vintage Italian 1960-1970 - and a few odds and ends.
I will be adding a surprise or two before I mail out the package! Some Micky Mouse Memorabilia - from the Topolino (Mickey Mouse) magazine, circa 1980 - charms and button covers!

They will be travelling to Germany, where there are two swappers. They will pick the buttons they want, add a few of their own and then send them on to the Canada, where there are another two swappers. From Canada on to the USA, where there are three swappers, then back to Italy where there are four of us. Hopefully the buttons will make it around the globe by the end of May, but I doubt it! It will be more like the middle of June before I see them again!

2 commenti:

Benibulous ha detto...

OOOh, I am jumping mad having just missed this and I am but a hop skip away from Germany!!!! Grrrrr!

Donna Lynne ha detto...

What a shame!!!
but I will be doing more of this type of swap! Next time with beads!