domenica 13 marzo 2011

Paris Mist!

So I finished the neckwarmer..

I loved the results obtained with the merinos and kid mohair worked together so much that I decided to make matching handwarmers!

I was 2 inches from the end of the second when I ran out of the mohair!!!! oh no!!! What shall I do???
Idea... Pink and Black are the proverbial colours of Paris... I don't know why but it's true!


So.... I took some black mohair that I had in my stash and finished off the second "glovelette" and I think I will call the set... PARIS  MIST!!One all pink and the other with a touch of PARIS MIST!!

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erre ha detto...

ottima idea :-) del resto le mani sono diverse fra loro, perchè non devono esserlo anche i guanti? Ciao, rosaria