martedì 4 gennaio 2011

Cherries Jubilee

... don't worry, I am not going to give you the nth recipe for this delicious topping for vanilla ice cream!

it all started with a KAL... or Knit-a-long for those of you who are not knit viktims!
the pattern chosen was Citron an adorable mini shawl that has absolutely nothing to do with the ones granny used to wear! I joined for several reasons..
1) it seemed like a fun thing to do, a bunch of ladies who don't know each other except "virtually" on an Italian knitting forum, part of a much larger needlework social network -
2) EmmaFassio knitter/designer/member of on was heading up the KAL
3) I had never really knit a semi-circular piece and I had little experience with circular knitting needles

and so I went to my LYS ... Local Yarn Shop (note for Donna: compile a modern knitter's glossary!) and picked out some lace yarn (and if circular needles don't scare you.. lace yarn will! it's that superfine, can't even see it type yarn) in a lovely melange of oranges, browns and rusts
and I was officially part of the KAL...
the finished result was this... which I gave to my lovely Aunt Terri for Christmas!

while I liked my orangy citron... after seeing my fellow KAL-ers self striping shawls, I was not to be outdone!
so back to my LYS I went to purchase a self striping yarn.. I chose LanaGatto Wool Gatto in a lovely red color way
... which brings us to my Cherries Jubilee!

et voilà!

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