giovedì 16 dicembre 2010

knit Viktim

so today I was talking with daniela about a project I had in mind (more to come on that when things fall into place, if they fall into place!)
I guess I should tell you who daniela is... she is the reason I became a translator, she sent me on my first real translation related job and I have worked with her ever since
she has helped me to mature as a translator and over the years we have become good friends, albeit almost exclusively "virtual"
most recently she has been party to my creative bend...
it seems a day doesn't pass that I don't talk to her about some knitting or other crafting project I have in mind
and... like me, she has also started knitting .... again
yes, again.. because both of us knit as children and sort of left it on the back burner..
anyway... today I was talking to her about my nth knitting project... I hang up the phone and hear that little msn messenger jingle.. I open the window

 knit victim, are you still there?
knit victim, I like it...I think I'll open a blog named knit victim

and so...
Knit Viktim was born
I hope to be fairly constant in this new blogging adventure!

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